[Xerte] getting function from swf

Brydges, Stephen Stephen.Brydges at warwick.ac.uk
Wed Mar 24 17:17:49 GMT 2010

I'm experimenting with using a function inside an external swf which is
loaded into desktop Xerte in the component icon. After some trouble, I
think I've got a simple demo working, based on the component.fla


What I'm hoping to do is to launch a swf that has been generated from
Flex 3, using the AlivePDF swc. That should give me the ability to
generate a pdf that is dynamically created, using some of the responses
built up while running a Xerte learning object. Will I run into issues
in using a Xerte as2 based swf, loading in a as3 based swf? I
particularly need the FileReference() class that requires Flash Player
9.  I'm reasonably confident in getting AlivePDF to do its stuff, but it
will take a few hours and I'd rather not try if it doomed from the


Or is there a more sensible approach? I don't think Flash Paper will
help, because I need it to be dynamic. 

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