[Xerte] Questions regarding custom interface and items

Koványi Gábor kovanyi at innotica.com
Wed Mar 3 17:29:29 GMT 2010


Thanks for your fast reply.

I found the .fla file where you mentioned, thank you.

Is it possible to set the layer order in the main window in Xerte (in  
I mean the custom interface rolls over the title and the Icon.

After the value of the visuals property is set to 0, all the contents  
moved upper, because there is no titlebar. Where can I set the x,y  
coords of the content? (content which contains the plain title page,  
text page, etc.)

So when a value of the visuals property is set to another number  
except 0 or 1, is it possible to assign some visual content to another  
number for eg.2 or other numbers? When I set it to another number it  
changes the navigation bar, etc.

There is a style sheet connected where you can assign some visuals for  
the content.
colourScheme {}
How can I change the color of the title, is it correct to write the  
colourScheme {
It doesn't have effect unfortunately.

Is it possible displaying the actual page number in the custom interface?

Any advice are welcome!

Thanks in advance.


Idézet (Julian Tenney <Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk>):

>> I could click on the Learning Object Icon and at the Optional
> properties there is a possibility to add a Custom Interface. My
> question is regarding that how to create/re-design that custom
> interface, where can I found the source file?
> Use the example in templates/frameworks in your Xerte install folder.
>> How can I handle the navigation related interactions? For eg. Disable
> some interaction?
> Which one?
>> How can I change the property of a textfield unselectable? (is there
> any as script to handle it?)
> You can turn it off for the whole learning object on the LO icon:
> selectableText
>> I would also like to create a custom title-bar. How is it possible?
> Do it in your custom interface swf.
>> How is it possible to customize these visual aids? Can I assign visual
> aids for a visual property number?
> ?Not sure what you mean?
>> How can I disable/enable/customize the bottom bar?
> Again, do it in the custom swf
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