[Xerte] Xerte3: Air versions for Mac and Windows available

Peter Huppertz peter.huppertz at baselgovernance.org
Thu Jul 22 11:10:04 BST 2010

I created Air versions of the Xerte3 Editor which you can download for Mac and for Windows. 

www.baselgovernance.org/xerte3_installer.exe (Windows)
www.baselgovernance.org/xerte3_installer.dmg (Mac)

The main purpose of this exercise was to create a Mac version of the Xerte3 editor, so don't expect new features (although there are some). This also means that Xerte3 is still in it's early stages, e.g. Text to Speech and Scorm support are not integrated yet. 
Nevertheless it would be extremely helpful if some of you also join in as Alpha/Beta testers and give feedback. I think some documentation will be good to get new people started?!

Julian: can I hand over the code to you again?


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