[Xerte] Ispring SWF - full screen issues

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Jan 13 11:57:54 GMT 2010

Ispring is very good. Are you using the free or the pro version?

I'd like to know why Xerte is crashing - is this during the importing
process, or when you first try to preview the media?

Do you mean you want a property to control the size in toolkits? I
thought you could control the size of the swf on the way out of iSpring?

Can you send me a file so I can check out the full screen problems - do
you get the same issue when you select 'fill window'?


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I have been trialing the standalone version to integrate power point, 
text, photos movies etc from a range of sources into a professional 
development course.   We have Ispring and it does a great job  
converting to SWF but but branching eg ; into a framework is very 
limited within the one PowerPoint.

I can successfully import an Ispring media file into Xerte .  Xerte 
crashes but after re opening the rlo file i must reset the size so it is

visible - typically to something around 65 w by 45 h to show the power 
point and the flash lite player.  All functions well in preview 
including the Ispring lite player.

If I publish and open in either Firefox or IE all functions as expected 
- except if change the display to full screen the SWF file appears to 
re-size its self with only a the top left  section of the slide visible,

is not readable and crashes the player. You cant get it back

I have also tested importing a simple PowerPoint into open office 3.1 
and converted to SWF.  The import media still crashes xerte but after 
reopening the rlo the size imported is OK and just covers the bottom 
toolbar of the player (where you set text size etc.) so a small size 
reset is all that is required.

All functions well  but you get the same behavior if you go to full

I have also used the toolkit page template for Ispring sized to 685 x515

pixels - the import is OK and the size is OK as well (just covers the 
bottom toolbar of the player (where you set text size etc.) so a small 
size reset is all that is required.  Again same behavior if you go to 
full screen.

Cannot see any property that would over come this (setting the interface

to default with displaysize does not seem to have any effect.

Peter Snowball
Department of Economic Development
Tasmania Australia
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