[Xerte] SCORM 2004 Problem

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
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Hi everyone...


I've been having problems over the last couple of days with using a 2004
SCO. Here's what's going on...


I have a file 2004 packaged SCO (attached).  The lesson simply sets the
current seconds from the system time into suspend data, then displays it
in a text icon. 


If I package this for SCORM 1.2 - it's fine (apart from an invalid
argument error, which doesn't affect anything). I get tracking data in
the LMS (using ilias 4)




Using the 2004 SCO - the LMS does not track anything. 


We have tried pretty much all day yesterday testing in the suite, it
never passes. Even a blank Xerte file doesn't pass the ADL test, so we
still can't find out what's going on. Has anybody else had SCORM 2004
problems? Does anybody else use ilias? 


Any help would be really appreciated J





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