[Xerte] Getting current page Id

Fred Riley Fred.Riley at nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Jan 5 15:12:23 GMT 2010

Hi all

Two related questions:

1. How do I get the id property of the current page from a script icon?
I'm guessing something like this.id or this.icon.id but I can't figure
the best search term for the help file. 

2. Can I detect the last page in a framework? I'm after something like
the following for a Next button:

if (current page = last page) {
	go to main menu
else {
	go to next page (in framework)

I'm currently using Xerte 2.5.4 (yeah, I know, just call me diplodocus

Mercy buckets in anticipation :o)


Fred Riley
Learning Technologist
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy, University of Nottingham
Vcard: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/nursing/sonet/about/fr_uon.vcf 

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