[Xerte] scorm object white screen

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Feb 12 13:28:14 GMT 2010

Is the name of the .rlo file in the .htm correct and case-sensitive? A
white screen can mean the .rlo file failed to load - same thing happens
when the mime types aren't set.


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Hi all

This is just a quick question to identify if this is a known issue and
if there's a known solution. I say this because I don't have time to
thoroughly test at the moment so just checking if it's been
discussed/resolved before.


I received a request about scorm LO's exported from XOT or Xerte and
imported into Moodle flashing the main interface and then ending with a
white screen not the main content. I've seen this before and thought it
was to do with not puplishing before exporting but have just tried that
with a file received and getting the same problem even after publishing.


I've just tried the same LO with the scorm test suite and get the same
thing so that appears to rule out moodle being the cause.


So is the intermittent cause of this known?



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