[Xerte] Multiple LDAP Contexts

David Hallam dhallam at grantham.ac.uk
Fri Feb 12 10:57:31 GMT 2010

I have got xerte up and running on our moodle box and it is running no
problems. The only problem I have is the ldap settings.

The LDAP is working fine but I can only get it to work with one  OU

We have 1 main site container called users that has separate containers
beneath it and if I select this in the LDAP base all the users in the
container beneath can log onto xerte.

If I select just 1 container in LDAP base this also works just for the
users in the selected OU container.


Now my problem is we have 1 main site in AD called COLLEGE and 1 other
site on the AD called REMOTE 

I need to add both of these to work in xerte to pull the users from both
different OU containers.


I have tried this on the LDAP settings from the admin page but I am used
to using the separator as ; but I have also tried this with $$$ as the
separator and neither work.


I have tried the following:







OU=Users,OU=College,OU=InterJigsaw,DC=gc,DC= Organisation,DC=ac,DC=uk
$$$ OU=Users,OU=Remote,OU=InterJigsaw,DC=gc,DC= Organisation,DC=ac,DC=uk





And I have also tried doing this in each section like the following:






If I just have 1 it works fine but if I add another container it stops


Anyone have any info onto how to get this working.


Many thanks




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