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Hi David,


I haven't seen *this* problem in the wild yet! Could it be that there is some
filtering taking place on the Institutional server? Would you be happy to
send me a copy of the LO so I can try it from our Moodle. 


You could also try uploading it to the Moodle server on the stick and seeing
if it works from there, perhaps. This is what I will do if you send me the
LO.  This would also test Ron's theory.


Also I always advise people to use the SCORM format. I'm at a loss to think
why this might work better as Moodle doesn't need SCORM as far as I know, but
at least it means you don't need to unzip it


Feel free to call me if you wish (number below)'


Kindest Regards,



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Hi there,

I'm using Maxos. I have created a LO with YouTube video and Wikipedia
(everything else is working ok).

During production, everything works well when zipped up and uploaded to a
Moodle (and employed via Zip > unzip > index.htm) the wikipedia page doesn't
show (i.e. the page shows but without content - at all) and the YouTube
videos refuse to be controlled .. i.e. once they are playing there is no
pausing or stopping them.

Any advice?


David Sugden
dsugden at gmail.com
touring_fishman at yahoo.co.uk
07717 341 622

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