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Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
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Hi David

I can answer the first part of your question...


If you export an LO and import into Moodle, either as a  normal zip or as a
SCORM unfortunately some of the pages which load content dynamically will
not work. To my knowledge this includes the wikipedia page, the rss page and
the delicious page. This also applies to my textwall and twitter pages too.
This is because these page types require .php code which resides in the XOT
installation and so the LO can't find it when exported and imported rather
than linked or embedded via iframe. The issue doesn't apply when viewed from
a HDD or USB stick but another Flash Player Security issue can apply in that
situation (see my recent reply on the list re youtube clips not playing)


So the best way to use LO's via Moodle is to link to them or embed them. I
think you know I've recently uploaded a 2 part screen cast about XOT with
Moodle so for anyone else reading this thread see part 1:
http://www.youtube.com/user/mitchellmedia1#p/u/4/2EGzPM3dDyY and part 2


Not sure what the issue is with no pausing or stopping youtube clips is this
the youtube feed page or the individual clip page? Does this always happen
e.g. refresh the page does it still happen?





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Hi there,

I'm using Maxos. I have created a LO with YouTube video and Wikipedia
(everything else is working ok).

During production, everything works well when zipped up and uploaded to a
Moodle (and employed via Zip > unzip > index.htm) the wikipedia page doesn't
show (i.e. the page shows but without content - at all) and the YouTube
videos refuse to be controlled .. i.e. once they are playing there is no
pausing or stopping them.

Any advice?


David Sugden
dsugden at gmail.com
touring_fishman at yahoo.co.uk
07717 341 622

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