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Mark Tomlinson mark.tomlinson at acns-group.com
Fri May 29 15:30:47 BST 2009

We *could* install moodle for this purpose, but would prefer not to as it
seems a bit of overkill to do so.  We would be prepared to look at that
solution though.


In essence, we need to get off our backsides and solve the problem ourselves
by modifying elements of toolkits.  Being a commercial organisation though,
it is a little tricky to put aside developer time when we have other
projects running..




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Do you have a moodle installation? Even if you don't as long as you could
install a copy this could be an easy solution for people to enable
alternative toolkits authentication which would include email registration
as well as account creation as that's all built in to moodle. You wouldn't
even need to use moodle as it could just be used as the authentication
method. If this were documented would it be of interest?


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Hello All,


Are there any alternatives to LDAP authentication?

Is it possible to have for example email registration, or just create a
database of user accounts?

If this feature does not yet exsit, where which files would I need to edit
to create it?

For example, if I wanted to write a new auth method, where would I change
the function / method call?


Thanks Jeremy

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