[Xerte] walkthrough for installing toolkits

jventola at verizon.net jventola at verizon.net
Wed May 20 02:12:55 BST 2009

I have a hosted account (on Siteground) and would like to install Xerte toolkit.  (I've managed 
moodle and drupal).  I am getting errors about setting up the database when I run Setup. I 
am a tad beyond total newbie status when it comes to mysql and php.  (Siteground has easy 
installers for the packages it supports.)

Does anyone know of a walkthrough tutorial that might make it possible for me to install this? 
I've found information about installing on XAMP but not on a hosted account.

BTW, I did at least check that the file permissions on the folders mentioned in Setup were ok. 
But I could not find the Loaed Configuration File's path as given in PHP Info using Filezilla.  

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