[Xerte] Learning Object Properties

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
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In your page:


Add a script icon:


cp = myPage.addColourPicker(20,20); //myPage is the id of the page icon
- but could be any icon;


add an interaction icon, add an event response, the icon is cp, the
event name is colourChange //note cp is the icon, the colourpicker
itself, not the icon it is added to;


Add script to the response:



rootIcon.drawRect(0,0,800,600); //or whatever you want;





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Now that I know how to change the background colour using script, I now
want to allow the user to choose the colour using a colour picker. 

I've added a colour picker to my entry page (mainPage.addColourPicker),
added a 'selectColour' interaction to the same page and to this I've
added an event that listens for the colourChange event to be broadcast
by the mainPage icon. The script attached to this event should then set
the fill colour  (rootIcon.beginFill(mainPage.colourPicker.colour,100))
before drawing the background rectangle. 

Two problems:- 

Firstly the colourChange event does not appear to be being broadcast by
mainPage - or if it is, my event is not picking it up. How should this
intyeraction be setup? 

Secondly, I don't appear to have the correct syntax for getting the new
colour from the colour picker - how do I do this? 

Any help appreciated! 

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