[Xerte] Jumping from flash menu within Xerte

Marc Torruella Altadill mtorruella at viguera.com
Wed Jul 29 08:48:02 BST 2009

We use a diferent approach. Our interface is loaded in a node that has two
parents before reaching the rootIcon, so our interface.fl a does like that:


fw = this._parent._parent._parent;


And then when we want to navigate, for example, we do: fw.navigate(id);


Julian approach, if works, will always work. Our, instead, may not work if
we load the interface in a different node.


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In this case, 'page2' is the iconID to navigate to? That ought to work. Can
you debug(rootIcon) OK? Load the flash movie up as a component, rather than
a graphic icon to get rootIcon and debug() in the flash movie's timeline,
otherwise you'll have to call _level0.engine.rootIcon.navigate().


Does that help?



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If I build a flash menu and import it at the start of my Xerte flowline...
how would I jump to frameworks within Xerte? 


rootIcon.navigate('page2');     etc  doesn’t seem to work in the flash menu.


Is there any particular type of navigation I should be doing from the
imported flash menu to frameworks/modules within Xerte? What would work?




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