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You cannot merge pages, no.

You can adjust the image size, by adjusting the size of the iamge.
Images that are too large are scaled down to fit, but images are never
scaled up.

You can create a print job in Xerte, based on contents of the movie, but
that functionality isn't in the templates, and is a bit tricky to get
right for any printer with any paper in it.

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I am a complete beginner to xerte and I would like some help if
I am currently writing an elearning tutorial and I am using the template

My questions are: Is it possible to add two different elements to a page
in the template version eg a slideshow and a question? And is it
to adjust image size in the template as it is with the standard xerte?

However the thing I really want to know is can I script a button to
and copy text from an individual page of the tutorial at the choice of
user into a printable document? I want the user to select which pages
find useful - press a button - and only get the text from that page.




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