[Xerte] Text Icon Field with Fill

Patrick Lockley Patrick.Lockley at nottingham.ac.uk
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Hi Kent,
Welcome to the list.
I just made a quick RLO as a proof of and it seemed to work ok.
Here is what you do
1) Give the text icon an ID property from the drop down list (in this
example I have given the text icon the Id of textarea)
2) Put a script after the text icon
3) In the script put the following two lines
textarea.beginFill(0xFF0000, 100);
text_area._width will be 400 unless you've changed it, so you may need
to approximate this.
hope this helps

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	Xerte users,
	I'm a Xerte newbie with a quick question.
	I'm using a text icon as a drag and drop element (I need to
programmatically change the text based on the current screen - which I
know how to do with the text icon).  However, I've been unable to get
the text field to show a solid fill (background).  Is this possible?
	It may be better to use a draw icon for the drag and drop... but
I don't see how I could change the text within the draw element.  Is
this possible?
	Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
	As an Authorware and Flash user, I find Xerte to be a great
product.  I plan on using it a lot in the future.  Any plans for
deployment on Linux or Mac?

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