[Xerte] Positioning icons relative to the previous icon.

Paul Swanson Paul.Swanson at harlandfs.com
Wed Nov 19 23:02:25 GMT 2008

Yes, _ytile + 11 worked (I have setGutter at 5, plus the border line
height to take into account). And icon.previousSibling.clip()._y for the
adjacent cells on the same row. I guess my expression was just missing
the clip() method. I had tried both _y and y.
Patrick, I'm setting this on the property panel of the text icon, not in
a script. The script just draws the border and sets the gutter.
Geez, don't you guys ever sleep? It must be 11pm in the UK! Thanks for
the speedy response!


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	try _ytile
	It gives you the value of icon.previousSibling.clip()._y +
icon.previousSibling.clip()._height. I usually put _ytile + 10 in the y


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	I'm attempting to build a table using multiple text icons. I'm
using individual text icons for each cell in combination with drawBorder
in a script icon. I've been manually computing the y coordinate by
adding the height of the previous icon to the y coordinate of the
previous icon. It's time consuming, and I'm thinking there must be a
better way. I've tried variations of icon.previousSibling._y, but it
seems to be returning 0 (or, more likely, undefined) because it always
ends up at y=0.

	I've currently got icon.previousSibling.attributes.y +
icon.previousSibling.attributes.h as the y property, but that makes the
text disappear completely (perhaps it's off the stage?). Do I just have
the wrong property, or is this because the properties of the
previousSibling are unknown when the next icon is encountered?


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