[Xerte] ANN: Xerte 2.1

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Nov 19 11:55:16 GMT 2008

There is now version 2.1 to download from the Xerte web site

New features include:

- Code Auto-completion and Snippets
Start typing some code. Press CTRL-SHIFT. The code generator pops up,
with the partial word you typed selected. Keep typing until the word you
want is selected in the drop down, press Enter to select it, then enter
to paste in that code. The widget includes all methods and properties in
the langauges, plus all veraibles you have defined using F6 and all icon
IDs you've created in the piece, as well as the entries in snippets.xml

For example, try typing 'for', press CTRL-SHIFT, press Enter twice and
you have a for loop ready for the condition to be entered. There are
similr helpers for all the main constructs. You can define your own code
in the xnippets.xml file to make it easy to insert frequently typed
blocks of code.

- Templates Menu
The templates menu returns to make it easier to start a new template
project, install a template or create a template package to distribute
from your current project.

- Updated Page Templates
There are now 36 different page types to choose from, and this is the
release candidate for the next version of toolkits.

- Youtube Component
There's a new component that uses the youtube chromeless player for
adding youtube movies to your learning objects.

- Updated Help
There's a new help section for those developing templates, and a number
of other updates to the help file.

Ideally you should uninstall the old Xerte before installing this one,



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