[Xerte] Is there any way to create an ordered list?

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Nov 12 09:57:23 GMT 2008

It's the flash player, rather than Xerte that is the problem. All the
supported styles for a stylesheet are in the help file - maybe
margin-left can help with the indenting? 


If you could break the text inot the bullets with code, and then create
as many text icons as you have bullets, you could use an expression in
the text icon to insert the index, and then the bullet of text. Whether
that's worthwhile I'm not sure.


There is a 'bullets' page in pageTemplates now, which will show you how
to do that. It takes a paragraph of text, splits it on \r\r and then
builds the page of bullets based on the resulting array.


Start with the text in the text icon, and have your code get it, split
it, delete the icon and build the piece, somethinglike that? 


Whether that's a good idea depends on how many of these you need to cope


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I've been manually typing in step numbers within paragraph tags, but
would like to have hanging indents like you get with the <ol> tags in
html. I know the <ol> tags are not supported in Xerte, but is there a
way to fake it? I see that you could load a style sheet to apply to a
text icon, but is there a way to apply a text-indent style to just some
of the text, without using multiple text icons?


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