[Xerte] FW: Moving Draw Icons in Edit Mode

Tenney Julian Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Mar 4 14:46:42 GMT 2008

There's not currently a quicker way. What would you suggest?
Ctrl-shift-F5 will take you to the currently selected icon in the tree
in edit mode. Ctrl-F5 will take you there without the edit mode.
Also, you messages are getting discarded. You are subscribed to the
list, but under a different email address. 


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	Okay cheers for that Julian - I'm assuming that at the moment
there isn't a quicker way, ie for if you're wanting to shift around
several Draw icons on one page without having to jump in and out of Edit


	Also - is there a way of jumping straight to a page when you go
into Edit mode rather than starting from page one every time?



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	Select the icon in the tree and press SHIFT-F5 to preview. Then
move the drawing with the mouse.



	From: David Storey [mailto:david at eql.co.uk] 
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	Subject: Moving Draw Icons in Edit Mode

	Hello all,


	Is there any way of moving 'Draw' icons around in Edit Mode
without having the 'Drawing Editor' fire up every time?  Say I've drawn
my little drawing and then duplicated it a couple of times, now I want
to be able to shift these icons to different parts of the screen but as
soon as I click on one of them it opens up the Drawing Editor which I
don't need to use, once I've closed that the icon is selected and I
start moving it but it's a bit of a frustrating process.




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