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There isn't currently a template for doing such an interaction, so you'd have to build one. How complex that is really depends on how complex you want to make the scenario. If it's as simple as presenting a stimulus and have the user select from a list of options, and then present feedback in the form of text with perhaps optional images, it would be quite easy. 
It would also be easy to sequence a number of these pages together, thus creating a linear sequence of essentially multiple choice questions.
Take a look at the pageTemplate.xtp in the [xerte]/wizards folder. It has a number of page types, one of which is multiple choice question. You could adapt that, or perhaps it works just fine. To create a project from this file, double click the xtp file. Xerte will make the new project and open it (sometimes it doesn't open - just double click the rltfile in the folder you created the project in if this happens).
Is the scenario you want to support as simple as that? If it gets more complex (i.e. if a and b but not c then go to page x, else if a not b or c then goto page y else if not a or b and c then goto page z) then you hit two problems: the code is more complex, and the template editor gets more complex too. I'd highly recommend keeping it simple.


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I have been keeping an eye on Xerte since a bit more than a year, but never really working with because I find this tool a bit too much complicated for the people (normally university teachers) who come to my workshops. To give you a quick idea, the average skilled teacher feel confident with eXe Learning, Blogger, Wikispaces...

Now I have a different demand (of similar skilled teachers) who want to create materials where students would find "conditional itineraries": what I try say (i'm not sure if this expression is correct) is something like a practical problem, let's imagine a doctor making a diagnostic, where depending of the decision of the learner s/he would be taken to different slides.

I imagine that there is no problem of building these kind of itineraries with Xerte using the code. What I wonder is if we can make a primary template that will allow non skilled users to edit content in the pages (that's ok) and be able to modify this itinerary (that's my question).

For instance, let's imagine that a teacher is presenting a situation ( symptom of a patient) and the template has two possibles answer, let's say A (flu) and B (cold) and he wants to add a third one C (food poisoning). 

I have been looking around to the examples (problem-based learning) and looking at the possibilities of duplicating items and importing models, but I'm not able to understand the code and so I'm quite limited to evaluate the possibilities. 

Do you have any example that would fit (at an elementary level) these needs so that I can present Xerte in a meeting where we have to evaluate different solutions to these problem. Or just your advice or experience in similar situations.

Thanks in advance,

Ramón Ovelar
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