[Xerte] Dynamic Templates quiz tutorial

jventola at verizon.net jventola at verizon.net
Fri Jul 11 02:15:09 BST 2008

I am attempting to follow the tutorial about Dynamic Templates.  

(I am doing this to learn how to add a quiz to my presentation.  So if there is a ready made 
quiz template with instructions on how to merge the quiz with the main presentation, please 
point me to it; I still want to work through the tutorials, but it would be with less urgency. 
Ironically, I found Xerte after being exhausted by the slowness of eXe, but of course the 
learning curve is taking more time than if I had been patient in the first place.  But fooling 
with software is more fun than writing lessons, so...)

The instructions show a "Templates" menu item just to the left of "Help." But my quiz.rlo 
does not have it.

 I thought I might get it after adding the Template Data property and pointing to quiz.xml as 
instructed, but no go.

I tried saving as a template.  But when I try to run quiz.rlt, Xerte quits. Help!

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