[Xerte] Event response

Tenney Julian Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Jul 4 14:57:32 BST 2008

The parser dives through the xml sideways, so page 2 doesn't exist as it
sets up the icons in the entry frame.

The way around it is set up a listener to rootIcon, which will exist,
and then ask rootIcon to broadcast custom events for you.

You can set up a rootIcon.myCustomEvent handler, and at any time fire

It doesn't usually require this though.


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In authorware all the icons exist all the time. In xerte they don't.

If you have the interaction in page one, it only exists in page one.
When you go to page two it doesn't exist anymore, and so can't handle
events. Put things you want to always exist in the entry frame.


OK, using the context menu, I added an entry frame to the interface
object, put the interaction in there, then added 2 pages to the
interface object.


No luck.

I'm probably missing the stacking order of the objects.

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