[Xerte] Updated Dynamic Menu Example

Mark Tomlinson, AC&S Ltd mark.tomlinson at acns-group.com
Tue Apr 15 10:32:57 BST 2008


I now get 'You have not started this task' for each of the menu items at

Selecting a menu item gives me an alert of 0,0,0,0  followed by navigation
to the 'content'

After clicking the Complete Activity button, and returning to the Main Menu,
the menu items are still saying 'You have not started this task' 

The same is also true if I exit and relaunch.


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I just updated the dynamic menu example for 2004. It works fine in the test


The code was originally written for SCORM 1.2. What I did was:

Check that the API calls were working and returning values correctly (they
are - so I knew it wasn't the SCORM itself failing, and Xerte is indeed
compliant); Check the data element names I was using to get data were
correct (they weren't - so I fixed them. 1.2 uses cmi.core.suspend_data
whilst 2004 uses cmi.suspend_data) Checked the logic that builds the menu -
and made a few adjustments. The test suite returned the string "undefined"
for the call to suspend_data on the first visit, which tripped me up. I was
expecting "". I'm not sure what the docs say should be returned when you ask
for suspend_data that hasn't been set yet.

I used Test Suite 1.3.3 in IE7 no problem.

I made quite a lot of use of fscommand("messageBox", msg); to debug the
values once the piece was running in the browser.


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