[Xerte] Making changes to the html template

Tenney Julian Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Dec 14 08:40:55 GMT 2007

I've just added it to all the html publishing templates, thanks,


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	I've been trying to modify the html template (C:\Program
Files\Xerte\publish\html\rloObject.html) that creates the launching
page. I've added style="margin:0" to the <body> tag, and I wonder if a
future update will overwrite that file? By adding the margin parameter,
the web page is sized just right, with no margins (they end up white,
which doesn't match the background color of the Learning Object).

	Maybe everyone would be interested in making <body
style="margin:0"> the default? 


	 Paul Swanson 
	 Instructional Designer 
	 Harland Financial Solutions 

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