[Xerte] Xerte 1.7

xerte at lists.nottingham.ac.uk xerte at lists.nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Aug 20 09:15:47 BST 2007


Xerte version 1.7 can be downloaded from the Xerte web site now. This
version makes some changes to the implementation of the SCORM version
1.2, bringing it in line with the implementation of SCORM 2004 in Xerte.


- SCORM 1.2 packages are now cross platform(they will work on a Mac /
- The way you interact with the SCORM API has changed. The html page
takes care of initialize() and finish() for you, as before. To get a
value, you should now use _level0.getValue(elementName), to set a value
use _level0.setValue(elementName, value). These function calls are now
- If you have existing SCORM pages that you re-publish, you need to
amend the code that gets and sets values to use the function calls
outlined above. This should be straightforward.
- If you don't re-publish the files you can use the existing runtime /
support files.
- Only SCORM package files that are destined for a SCORM compliant LMS.
If you are going to deploy the learning object as a normal web page,
then use the 'publish' option from the file menu. 

I'm interested in how much use people are making of SCORM. Is there
anyone for whom these changes are a really big deal? If so, the changes
should bring a number of improvements, so I think it will be worth
making the changes to your files.


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