[Xerte-dev] Re: Possibly stupid question about rebuilding data.xwd

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Fri Mar 6 15:21:58 GMT 2015

Hi Fay

not sure anyone but Tom has really used this in anger. However if you send
over the mediaLesson.xwd (perhaps offlist so it gets through) I'll give it a
try at this end too.




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I might be missing something obvious here but I've been trying to rebuild
data.xwd using rebuildNottingham.bat.

This is what I've done:


-        Added a new xwd file to the src/Nottingham/wizards/en-GB folder,
formatted exactly like other pages in there.

-        Run rebuildNottingham.bat, expecting a new version of data.xwd to
appear in modules\xerte\parent_temples\Nottingham\wizards\en-GB


A new data.xwd does appear but it doesn't contain my mediaLesson.xwd info.
There are no errors in convert.log


If I manually copy the data from mediaLesson.xwd into
src/Nottingham/wizards/en-GB/template.xwd and run rebuildNottingham.bat
again then the data.xwd file does contain the mediaLesson info but isn't
this missing the point of what rebuildNottingham is supposed to do? I
thought it automatically got the data out of the individual xwd files so
avoiding having to paste into the long xwd file?


Am I missing an obvious step somewhere?




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