[Xerte-dev] Is your organisation using Xerte Online Toolkits? If so help us add you to our informal list of known organisations...

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Thu Jan 22 16:12:49 GMT 2015

Hi all

apologies for cross posting.


We would like to quickly update our list of organisations that we know to be
using Xerte Online Toolkits. In future we will have a 'register your
installation' button and form as part of the Xerte management interface but
for now we would like to quickly update our list of known organisations.
Initially this is to display during a forthcoming international conference.
The simple form we are using right now also provides an opportunity to
provide an anonymous comment or quote if you wish. 


So if your organisation is using Xerte please add your organisation name to
this simple form: http://goo.gl/forms/fm7YYmrcqk 

Don't worry about whether someone else has already added your organisation
we will filter duplicates. 

The form will be live until noon on Wednesday 28th January. At some future
point thereafter we will add the resulting list to one of our community
pages and then share the link via the lists. 


Please feel free to share this request and link to your own communities if
any are Xerte users.


Thank you.


PP Xerte development team

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