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It strikes me this is case where the 'scratch your own itch' principle fails to provide an optimum solution. Do we need to find some sponsorship to pay for the work to be done? How much work do you think there is?

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I already formulated my wish to be able to use more db engines than only mysql/mariadb.

I am willing to spend some time on it. Not sure how far I will get. But, I simply think that we can't afford to simply formulate our wishes and expect it to be implemented.

That doesn;t mean that we shouldn't formulate our wishes.

David Goodwin schreef op 15-10-2013 19:12:

On 15 Oct 2013, at 18:04, Tom Reijnders <reijnders at tor.nl<mailto:reijnders at tor.nl>> wrote:

I understand where you are coming from, and I understand your reasoning. But I respectfully disagree.

This is just a typical re-factoring which we will be obliged to do from time to time. No new functionality involved, perhaps new opportunities.

The question is more MySQLi vs. PDO.  Or a more generic approach Like David Goodwin used for authentication. We don't do anything fancy with the database.

( See also my previous email)

I think someone needs to start from stating the requirements (do you just want to stick to using MySQL/MariaDB) or do you need to support e.g. SQLite (or whatever).


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