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Fay Cross Fay.Cross at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu Mar 22 08:51:28 GMT 2012

Using the files from the xerteonlinetoolkits svn in xampp the embedDiv & Jmol pages no longer work.  The models call functions in preview_xerte_top which makes the frame to show content in it.  All the functions needed in preview_xerte_top are there in the file (makePopUp etc.) but when you preview a project the frames don't appear and when you view the source none of the functions from preview_xerte_top  are shown.  It seems to be using a different file to put together the preview window that only has one function in it (openWindow).

This was working on older versions of toolkits and when you viewed the source everything in preview_xerte_top was shown so the functions could be called.

Is a different file being used now to make the preview / play windows?  We can't work out where this file is if it's not preview_xerte_top.

Can anyone help? (Pat?!)

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