[Xerte-dev] bug in editor and some updates

Kemp Johnathan johnathan.kemp at ntlworld.com
Sat Jul 28 12:04:44 BST 2012

Hi folks,

During testing and fixing some issues I discovered that there is a bug in
the editor that is a bit of a show stopper.

The automated capture of the xwd name field to copy the value to the page
icon's name and title field in the desktop editor works well. Unfortunately
a little too well. It is also capturing a change of name value for child
elements of the page. For example if you create a dragDropLabel page and
then add a hotspot. When you change the name of the hotspot this change
will be copied to the page icon's title and name fields.

With respect to Julian's recent list of things that need fixing.

Sldieshow - display of "Slide 1 of 8" message is now converted to Tom's
preferred format.
Drag and Drop labelling - "Try again" is now an xwd field with a language

Model Answer - The copy and paste info optional property displays if it is
selected, to tell the user that their answer has been placed on the
clipboard. It is optional because the author may be using the "Model Answer
Results" page which aggregates the answers of all model answer pages into
one clipboard posting.

Scenario Connector - This has already been modified to change the score
debug message and it now automatically creates the Score Configuration,
List of scenario actions and list of props in scenario elements.

I have not changed the Tabbed Navigator Connector. I think most people will
understand how setting an x, y, width and height value can be used to give
them more control over the positioning of the graphics. To change how this
page works would take a lot of re-writing.

Kind regards

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