[Xerte-dev] Re: Export / Import

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Wed Jul 25 08:33:39 BST 2012

The updated files are in place on the test server.

As far as I can see export works fine.

Import of an exported LO works fine too.

Import of a zip which has a parent folder in the root now results in: The
files in your zip folder need to be in the main folder, not within another
folder in the zip.

Is there something specific you need testing with Safari?

BTW I couldn't find a solution to the change ownership issue so that still
exists. As far as I can tell the value going into templaterights is the
users id rather than the users root folder id - I think. 

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Been stuck for a while trying to debug export and i think with previous
changes it's gone a bit wrong

1) If you export a non published / synched via publish project, then you
can't import it - it says it has imported but it seems export now renames
data.xml to template.xml, and from the look of the importer, it relies on
template.xml - so it copies data over the top of and therefore wipes out
preview.xml (even if preview is what you want).

2) this doesn't throw any errors

So i've hacked import around to make sure preview.xml is copied over and

It seems to work (after 3 hours, 3 fricking hours)

I've also fixed the folder problem

I also removed the hash from the import src as this caused a problem in
chrome as well (the thing no one has tested in safari).

So we need to cycle import and export through tests and deliberate folder
level stuff


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