[Xerte-dev] Export / Import

Pat Lockley patrick.lockley at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 24 23:06:45 BST 2012

Been stuck for a while trying to debug export and i think with
previous changes it's gone a bit wrong

1) If you export a non published / synched via publish project, then
you can't import it - it says it has imported but it seems export now
renames data.xml to template.xml, and from the look of the importer,
it relies on template.xml - so it copies data over the top of and
therefore wipes out preview.xml (even if preview is what you want).

2) this doesn't throw any errors

So i've hacked import around to make sure preview.xml is copied over
and maintained

It seems to work (after 3 hours, 3 fricking hours)

I've also fixed the folder problem

I also removed the hash from the import src as this caused a problem
in chrome as well (the thing no one has tested in safari).

So we need to cycle import and export through tests and deliberate
folder level stuff


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