[Xerte-dev] Re: XOT revision 371 updated QRcode page - previous message didn't reach list?

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Jul 16 13:36:18 BST 2012

Before you do that, have you seen Fay's bugs re: QRCode?

QR Code
Page just shows blank panel - no text or QR code //JT thinks this is xampp?
Confusing that the default seems to have Align Text as Hide Text when Page Text isn't an optional property but the option to show the text is an optional property (although at the moment all the Align Text box does is change between panel left, right, full screen and in none of the options is the text visible)
Not sure why you would want to add Sound to this type of page but without being able to get it to work it's hard to say if it would be useful!

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on 4th July I posted a message to this xerte-dev list with an attachment and mentioned that I'd committed a change to the QRCode.rlm to the XOT svn. I mentioned that I'd tried to commit the same change to the xerte svn but got an error and was short of time so asked if someone could commit the attached file to the xerte svn. I've just been tracking back on that and it looks like my message on 4th July didn't reach the list? My committed QRcode.rlm did reach the xot svn as revision 371 but has been overwritten by revision 377. I'll try again committing the update to both Xerte and XOT but any ideas why my message didn't reach the list?

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