[Syrphidae] About Syrphus sexguttatus - reference needed

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Tue Nov 2 11:00:41 GMT 2021

Dear all,

I have a very simple question, easy to solve, but I cannot find a reference
for citing.

The na*me Syrphus sexguttatus *Meigen, 1838 appears as a valid senior
synonym of *Syrphus compositarum *Verral, 1873. Recent literature use
compositarum *as a valid name for this taxon.

*Syrphus sexguttaus* Meigen, 1835 and *Syrphus sexguttatus* Meigen, 1838
are junior homonyms of *Syrphus sexguttata* Wulp, 1882 (a synonym of *Scaeva
melanostoma* Macquart). Thus, I assume that people use the junior
synonym *Melangyna
compositarum* for *Syrphus sexguttatus* Meigen as it is an homonym of *Syrphus
sexguttatus* Wulp. Any reference for this?

Secondly, why is *Syrphus sexguttatus* Meigen, 1838the valid reference
citation and not *Syrphus sexguttaus* Meigen, 1835 ?

Any help is welcome.


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