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How to avoid this? By reaching out and making connections to the authors and provide future authoritative support whereby these researchers – and others - can avoid future errors. Perhaps the authors do not have access to the latest taxonomic literature; India is itself a huge country, and perhaps a lot of literature from the west and increasingly the orient, where most of the taxonomic work has been done, is unavailable because it’s still owned by private corporate publishing firms that exact ridiculous fees to access these works (most of which were actually publicly financed).


Be happy there are researchers doing work with syrphids. Mentor them: I’d bet that this was a young graduate student’s work that had to be submitted to qualify for (future) funding and education.  Encourage them to submit their work to other people with more taxonomic and systematic experience, and perhaps to journals with better editors and reviewers. With support and encouragement, most people will improve their game and, in the end, be better scientists and contribute to our knowledge.


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Dear all,

the attached article was published today in an Indian journal. Besides many Grammar typos, they cite two genera from Kashmir that only occur in the New World.

How to avoid this? It takes a lot of time to clean this mess afterwards.

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