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Quite right, Martin !
I stand corrected. But don't you think that at least such a website might narrow the focus to a list of possible names?


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sorry but with all the free Lit in the world, you can not ID Syrphids from Kashmir! It is first user error, when you use a Nearctic key for a Palaearctic/Oriental region. People need to understand that identification (and I am talking about correct identification) is often very difficult, and just a few experts can do this and maybe it should not necessarily be free all the time (because when it is free, nobody values it). I get thousands of specimens from pollinator/ecological and biodiversity studies for identification - none of the researchers ever thought about how to ID the material before the study, nobody includes funding in their grants and most people expect to find somebody to do this for free - no wonder such expertise has such a low value these days...

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and also having a well-known system of offering help in ID to everyone working on syrphids. If we had a single syrphid website for taxonomy, keys and ID help, this would go a long way towards eradicating such errors. The authors at least tried to identify their material, which is good to see. Some don't get that far.


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Dear all,
the attached article was published today in an Indian journal. Besides many Grammar typos, they cite two genera from Kashmir that only occur in the New World.
How to avoid this? It takes a lot of time to clean this mess afterwards.
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