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Zorica Nedeljkovic zoricaned14 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 14:56:23 GMT 2017

Dear colleagues,

We identify *Paragus* species from Africa  and need  literature to make
comparison of genitalia.
 We will send you  literature we need:

1. Doesburg, P. H. van 1955. Contributions a l'etude de la faune
entomologique du Ruand-Urundi (Million P. Basilewsky 1953). LXIX. Diptera
Syrphidae. Annls Mus. r. Congo belge Ser. 8vo (Zool.) 40: 348-356

2. Hull, F. M. 1964. Diptera (Brachycera): Syrphidae. South Afr. Animal
Life 10: 443-496. [1964.??.??]

3. Brunetti, E. 1907-08. Notes on Oriental Syrphidae. Part I. Rec. Indian
Mus. 1: 379-380, pls 11-13. [1907.12.??]

4. Bezzi, M. 1920. Syrphidae aethiopicae Musei nationalis hungarici [part].
Broteria (Zool.) 18: 131-142

5. Hull, F. M. 1949. Studies upon Diptera in the British Museum. Ann. Mag.
nat. Hist. (12) 2: 727-746

6. Kassebeer, C. F. 2001. Eine neue Paragus Latreille, 1804 (Diptera,
Syrphidae) aus Athiopien. Dipteron 4: 33-36. [2001.11.12]

7. Meyer, M. de 1998. A new species of Paragus Latreille (Diptera,
Syrphidae) from Kenya. Ann. Natal Mus. 39: 143-147. [1998.12.??]

 Can you send us  if somebody has any of these?

Thank you very muck in advance!

Dr Zorica Nedeljkovic and MSc Tamara  Tot
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