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Pavel Láska laskap at seznam.cz
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Dear Chris,
    I am dealing only by Syrphinae and I do not know all genera occuring in Afrotropical Region. In each case genus Ischiodon was united with Simosyrphus (see Láska et al. 2006). Difference between  present Simosyrphus and Scaeva is the presence of hairs on eyes of Scaeva. Moreover it is character of World species. 
In no case it is yellow color of margin of mesonotum. Scaeva albomaculata has the yellow margin as Simosyrphus. I do not know why margin of wing is up to now not used for the group Eupeodes, Simosyrphus and Scaeva. It is broad and undulated.
                                                                                                      With best wishes       Pavel

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In preparation for the forthcoming Manual of Afrotropical Diptera (Kirk-Sprigs et alia), I am preparing a conspectus to the flower flies.

This will include some new generic concepts. Hence, I have revised the key to genera that I had previously circulated.

I would very much appreciate comments, corrections, etc.

And if you have any unusually Afrotropical flower flies, I would love to see them.

While Betty and I have retired to northeastern Florida (Ponte Vedra), I retain my office at the Smithsonian and will be regular them.

So specimens still should be send them, but reprints and correspondence can be sent to our new home: 278 Palm Island Way, Ponte Vedra, FL 32081



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