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Tue Apr 10 11:15:54 BST 2012

Hi Everyone,

I want to thank everyone who responded publicly or privately to my previous request on genitalia nomenclature and information.
Currently, I am looking for a photograph of a hoverfly to illustrate their role in pollination of crops. I am writing a short scientific advice paper for crop land management, especially in relation to sowing wildflower strips for insect conservation. These measures are usually taken to promote bees, and in particular honey bees, but the ecosystem service of other pollinators is often not appreciated (though there is a growing body of literature to demonstrate this).
Hence I would like to include a picture of a Syrphid full of pollen on a flower of some crop. It could be any species (preferrably European) on any kind of crops  like fruit-bearing trees, berries, canola, sunflower, tomato, pumpkins and allies ...
If anyone has such a picture, I would be thankful to include it in the report with due credits.

Overall, I want to emphasize that we don't just need to sow flowers for honeybees, but mostly need to provide permanent structural habitat for a variety of pollinating and pest-controlling insects.

Thanks for any responses

Joachim Mergeay
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