[Syrphidae] Freedom & Changes

Chris Thompson xelaalex at cox.net
Sun Feb 1 16:54:32 GMT 2009

To all my flower fly friends and colleagues:

Due to the bad financial situation in the US, etc., I was forced to take early retirement last year. My position at the Systematic Entomology Laboratory was abolished.

However, I continue my research, now as an Adjunct Scientist, Department of Entomology, Smithsonian Institution. Small office, etc., just a new title.

Also, my old e-mail of Thompson.Chris at ars.usda.gov was disconnected in January, so I lost much mail.

My new business address is thompsonf at si.edu The mailing address is the more or less the same: Department of Entomology, MRC-0169, PO Box 37012, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC 20013-7012

However, my home address remains xelaalex at cox.net

The good news is that I am free and can began finishing up old projects, like my incomplete PhD thesis work on the Microdons (yes, I will get to it soon Menno)

And the Nearctic flower flies, Copestylum, MesoAmerican flower flies, etc.

The other good news is that Ximo Mengual has arrived here and has started on his fellowship. We will be focus on Allograpta, especially the exotic ones from down under. We would greatly appreciate fresh material in alcohol of the following critical genera and species: Anu una (New Zealand), Allograpta dorsalis / ventralis (New Zealand); Eosphaerophoria (Sri Lanka to New Guinea), Allograpta alamacula (Australia); Giluwea (New Guinea) Loveridgeana (St. Helena), Sphaerophoria nigra (Azores Is.) and any of the South African Sphaerophoria species.(retrocurva & quadrituberculata)



F. Christian Thompson
6611 Green Glen Court
Kingstowne, VA 22315 USA
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