[Syrphidae] Longest Syrphidae tongue?

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He is probably referring to a beefly, Bombyliidae, rather than a Syrphidae. Those are the ones with very long tongues.

Beatriz Moisset

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Hi again,?
There reached an other interesting Syrphidae question my email box where I can't answer right away. Somebody knows this by any change??
Here is the origional question:?
Hope you don't mind me asking this rather unprofessional question ??
I have just been watching a programme ' The Life of Plants' by David Attenborough & he was showing a Hoverfly feeding on Nectar from some Iris's in S. Africa, apparently this particular Hoverfly has the longest tongue of its kind but its name wasn't mentioned ??
Would you be able to tell me the name of this please as I could think of nowhere else to try ????
Many thanks for your time in advance?
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