[Syrphidae] Longest Syrphidae tongue?

Bastiaan bwakkie at syrphidae.com
Thu Nov 22 22:40:29 GMT 2007

Hi again,

There reached an other interesting Syrphidae question my email box where 
I can't answer right away. Somebody knows this by any change?



Here is the origional question:
Hope you don't mind me asking this rather unprofessional question ?

I have just been watching a programme ' The Life of Plants' by David 
Attenborough & he was showing a Hoverfly feeding on Nectar from some 
Iris's  in S. Africa, apparently this particular Hoverfly has the 
longest tongue of its kind but its name wasn't mentioned ?

Would you be able to tell me the name of this please as I could think of 
nowhere else to try ???

Many thanks for your time in advance

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