[Syrphidae] Re: Help with mouldy and fungus covered pinned Diptera specimens

Kumar Ghorpade blossomfly1973 at yahoo.co.in
Sat Feb 17 12:19:01 GMT 2007

Dear Chris, and others who may be able to help :
      I need urgent and workable information on how to clean pinned fly specimens (especially Bombyliidae !) in my collection that I have found to be covered with mould (white) or fungus (white or green or grey) after my return from an almost 7-month series of field expeditions from last July 2006.  Little time to look at my large fly collection during this time !  
     My INSECTS AND ARACHNIDS OF CANADA (PART 1) most useful book  says Ultrasonic cleaners are best, using detergent/ammonia/ethyl acetate/water.  Where can I obtain these ?  Or any other efficient way of cleaning these fungusy specimens and not ruining their pubescence and hairing ? I am especially concerned with saving my bee-fly specimens, all 6,500 of them.  
      Chris, I am taking this opportunity to tell you I have not heard from you after your 19th December e-mail.  My mails to you bounce (?!) so I am left helpless !  How do I reply ??  Please get back to me on your invitation to resume our collaboration on Oriental Syrphidae so I am informed about schedules and projects, etc., and can prepare myself accordingly.  Regards, KUMAR    

Dr Kumar Ghorpade, B.Sc.(Agri.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Entomol.). 
Smithsonian Institution (U.S.A.) Postdoctoral Research Fellow (1982-1983) researching Oriental Syrphidae, Sciomyzidae and Ephydridae (Diptera). 
Currently: Post-Graduate Teacher & Research Associate in Systematic Entomology, Department of Agricultural Entomology, University of Agricultural Sciences, Krishi Nagar, Dharwar 580 005, Karnataka (INDIA). 
Postal address: P.O. Box 221, K.C. Park Post Office, Dharwar 580 008, INDIA. 
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