[Syrphidae] freeze desinfection of insect drawers

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Our standard policy at the Smithsonian (USNM) is now to freeze ALL =
incoming material. No damaged to pinned material.

I am not sure what the exact temperature is but it is in your range. We =
came the material in the freezer just for a couple of days.

As for water vapour, this usually isn't a problem as things are dry in the =
north. But if there is water vapour it usually forms on the glass FIRST =
and can be easy cleaned off.


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>>> frank.dziock at tu-berlin.de 10/17/06 07:49AM >>>
Hello Syrphid friends!

Can anybody provide me with information how to desinfect the drawers in
my syrphid collection with a standard freezer (-18 degrees C)? There are
no visible signs of pests yet, but I would like to be as safe as possible.

I am also unsure about the details:

How long do the drawers have to be in the freezer?
Does freezing damage the syrphid specimens?
How about condensed water after taking the insect drawers out of the

Maybe there are already some web resources on this? I would greatly
appreciate any links or hints on literature on this topic.

Many thanks in advance!

Best wishes from Berlin,

Frank Dziock


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