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Ante Vujic antev at ib.ns.ac.yu
Thu Nov 23 09:20:14 GMT 2006

Dear syrphid friends,

after several years of work on genus Merodon, we have checked the type material of 195 species,
and now we plan to check the rest of 21 species from known collections.
Unfortunately for 38 names we still have not located the type material.

Here are the names of these 38 species.
Do you know where is deposited the type material of these species
or maybe you have had opportunity to study them and can give us more information?

Genus Merodon

fulcratus Becker 1913 (Zarudny collection) (Iran: Chrossan, Gerri-rud, Landschaft Bechars)
kiritshenkoi Stackelberg 1960 (North Osetia)
obscuripennis Palma 1863 (Italy: Sanseverino, Monte Vergine, near Italy)
knerii Nik 1867 (Halicia)
aurifer Loew 1862 (Greece)
quadrilineatus Lioy 1864 (North Italy)
caudatus Sack 1913 (Israel: Jaffa)
distinctus Palma 1863 (Italy, near Naples)
dimorphus Szilady 1940 (Turkey: near Bursa)
kawamurai Matsumura 1916 (Kumamoto: Kiushu)
fulvus Macquart 1834 (South France)
fuscinervis Von Roden 1887 (Greece: Crete)
quadrinotatus Sack 1931 (Iraq)
trizonus Szilady 1940 (Tunis)
atripes Bigot 1884 (Switzerland)
crassicornis Sack 1913 (Syria on border with Lebanon: Anti Lebanon Mts)
osmioides Perris 1852 (France)
murorum Fabricius 1794 (North West Africa: Barbaria)
auripilus Meigen 1830 (Morocco + South Europe?)
rubidiventris Costa 1884 (Sardinia)
validus Wiedemann in Meigen 1822 (south Germany)
flavus Sack, 1913 (Italy)
haemorrhoidalis Sack 1913 (Poland)
vulpinus Szilady 1940 (Italy, Sardinia)
trochantericus Costa 1884 (Italy, Sardinia)
cretensis Sack 1913 (subsp of parietum from Crete, Greece)
fractipes Paramonov 1937 (subsp of geniculatus) (Greece: Rhodos)
inermis Macquart 1843 (central France)
nigrithorax Bezzi 1900 (Italy, Macerata = Marche)

We plan to designate the neotypes of eight species (cited below),
because the only pins of Fabricius types remain in Copenhagen Museum.
Do you have some information about some other types of these species? 

natans Fabricius 1794 (neotype) (Italy)
segetum Fabricius 1794 (neotype) (Morroco, Algeria)
spinipes Fabricius 1794 (neotype) (France)
viaticus Fabricius 1805 (neotype) (Austria)
clavipes Fabricius 1781 (neotype) (Italy)
funestus Fabricius 1794 (neotype) (Italy)
equestris Fabricius 1794 (neotype) (Italy)
eques Fabricius 1805 (neotype) (Morocco, Algeria) 

We didn't find the type of M. aeneus Meigen, 1822 in Paris, Berlin and Vienna Museums.
We consider that it is lost, but maybe you have some additional information. 

aeneus Meigen, 1822 (neotype) (Austria)

Best wishes.

Ante Vujic and Snezana Radenkovic

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