[Syrphidae] Melanostoma alpinum

Günter Schwendinger guenter.schwendinger at gmx.net
Tue Nov 21 19:53:07 GMT 2006

Dear Syrphid friends,

While trying to find literature for making a regional checklist of the 
Syrphidae of Vorarlberg (Austria) I've come across the description of 
Melanostoma alpinum, Szilady 1942, from specimens from Vorarlberg among 
others. This species is not in the Syrph the net accounts, but I've 
found at least two species lists on the web containing this species 
name. I could not find any information about it being a synonym [except 
that Melanostoma alpinum Shiraki & Edashige, 1953 is a synonym of 
Platycheirus urakawensis (Matsumara), which definitely is a different 
So could anyone of you please help me and tell me whether M. alpinum is 
a synonym and if yes which species it belongs to, and the paper where 
this has been published?

Thanks in advance,

Günter Schwendinger

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