[Syrphidae] Stratiomyidae

Brigitte Howarth bhowarth at emirates.net.ae
Fri May 27 22:41:35 BST 2005

Hi there Chris,

Hope you don't mind this question. You are so knowledgeable, perhaps you can 
save me hours of pouring through catalogues. I've found what I believe to be 
a Stratiomyidae here in the United Arab Emirates. I have not previously seen 
records of Soldier-flies here, are you aware of any? I am slowly pouring 
through the World Catalogue by Woodley but it's time consuming. Problem is 
that the Middle East doesn't really fit easily into a geographical region 
and I'm not sure yet where Woodley put us in - haven't come across a Middle 
Eastern record yet.

Hope you're well.


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