[Syrphidae] Clitellaria ephippium

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And in all modesty he forgets to give a reference to paper about it that he
co-authored. ;-)

Korf, W., & L. van der Leij, 2000. De wapenvlieg Clitellaria ephippium terug
van weggeweest (Diptera: Stratiomyidae). - Nederlandse Faunistische
Mededelingen 11: 145-146.


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The species was caught be me in 1999 near Venlo (Netherlands) some 2 km
from the German border. It was the first catch in 120 years!. In 2000
it was also found on the Sint Pietersberg in utmost south of our
country near Maastricht. It is also known to occur on the Belgian part
of the Sint Pieter.

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Laurens van der Leij
Op 21-jul-04 om 13:38 heeft Frank Brozowski het volgende geschreven:

> I apologize that this is not about Syrphidae but about Stratiomyidae!
> My question is: who knows anything about the status of Clitellaria
> ephippium, e.g. about actual findings of this species in Germany or
> adjacent countries?
> Does anyone know if there are similar looking species around? And what
> about papers on the distribution and ecology of this species?
> Thank you all very much!
> Frank Brozowski
> Földerichstraße 34
> D-13595 Berlin
> f.brozowski@nikocity.de

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