[Syrphidae] Nicaraguan Entomological Field Trips 2002

Jean Michel Maes jmmaes@ibw.com.ni
Mon, 4 Mar 2002 23:34:50 -0600 (GMT)

For : members of list SYRPHIDAE

Dear friend,

The Entomological Museum is planning some Entomological Field Trips this =

Nicaragua is the country with the major potential to find some new =
things, as the entomology has not been studied for nearly 100 years. =
Here is a good opportunity to explore a new country.

You can take one of the field trips, or two or all 3 as you prefer.

Last week of may : 26 may to 2 of June : Domitila Field Station near =
Granada, nice remnants of the Pacific dry forest of Nicaragua.
First week of June : 2 to 9 of June : Bartola Field Station on Rio San =
Juan at the border of Costa Rica : Very Nice Rainforest.
Second week of June : 9 to 16 of June : Greenfields Field Station near =
Blueffields : Coastal Rainforest.

If intested ask for more information.


Jean-Michel Maes
Museo Entomol=F3gico
A.P. 527